108 Bead Mala

Sandalwood, Rosewood, Buddha Eye Mala Beads

These exotic handcrafted 108 bead malas are made of the finest quality beads.  The naturally aromatic Sandalwood and Rosewood beads are from India and the Buddha Eye beads are crafted in Nepal.

Mala Beads - Buddha Eyes Mala Beads - Sandalwood Mala Beads - Rosewood

Buddha Eyes

Carved 8mm Beads


Natural Aromatic 8mm Beads


Dark Red 8mm Beads

108 Beads is tied to the number of energy cells (NADIS) surrounding the spiritual heart in the subtle body.  As a mantra, chanted energy is invoked into a channel so that by completing a round on each bead with a chant, energy has passed into all 108 nadis.

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