Buddha Eyes Mala Beads

Buddha Eyes cause spiritual awakening in everyone who sees them. 

Mala Beads - Buddha Eyes

Buddha Eyes remind us to have compassion and to be vigilant on the Dharma Path. 

Mala Beads - Buddha Eyes

Buddha Eyes are symbolic of being protected by the omniscience of Buddha wisdom. 

Mala Beads - Buddha Eyes

Mala Beads - Buddha EyesWhen I first saw these Buddha Eye Mala Beads, I was stunned.  It was the same feeling I get from Antique Etched Eye Beads.  Although the Buddha Eye Beads are not as ornate and finely crafted or intended to be, the feeling was the same.  It is realizing a connection, as if to understand the intent and appreciate the gift.

On my second look, I realized the beauty of these Buddha Eye beads.  Each one has 3 eyes carved into it.  Shiny black beads with white eyes and black pupils are awesome.

The Buddha Eyes Mala Beads are 18 inches long and each bead is 8mm.


Buddha Eyes Malas – $16.99 or Set of 3 for $40.78

Due to the high volume of Mala sales, some malas may be temporarily low in stock or sold out please email your request before ordering to ensure the quantity you want is in stock.

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