Lotus Seed 108 Mala Bead

Natural Lotus Seed 8mm 108 Bead Mala

108 beads is tied to the number of energy cells (NADIS) surrounding the spiritual heart in the subtle body. As a mantra is chanted, energy is invoked into a channel so that by completing a round on each bead with a chant, energy has passed into all 108 Nadis.

These beautiful beads are made from natural lotus seed and are individually knotted. The necklace is 33 inches in diameter.

Lotus Seed 108 Bead Mala

Lotus Seed 108 Bead Malas – $17.45 or Set of 3 for $41.85

Due to the high volume of Mala sales, some malas may be temporarily low in stock or sold out please email your request before ordering to ensure the quantity you want  is in stock.

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