Silk Sunglass Bags

Silk Sunglass Bags

Bohemian Design!
Padded for Protection.Silk Sunglass Bags

Embroidered Silk Bags are padded to protect your sunglasses against scratches and damage.

Sunglass bags measure 7-1/2″ long and 3-1/2″ tall to fit a variety of sunglasses.

Silk Sunglass Bags

Indigo Mahala Purses - Qi
Silk Sunglass Bags Kiwi
Silk Sunglass Bags Henna

Due to the individual design and color of each bag, the Silk Sunglass Bags can only be ordered by basic color. Your design and color may vary slightly from what is shown.

Each bag is a work of art and an individual beauty and we are sure you will be happy with the design that comes to you.

Silk Sunglass Bag, $8.69

Mahala Purses-Sunglass Bags

Save by Buying in Bulk! 3 for $21.89!

To purchase our products at wholesale prices or in bulk, please contact us with your tax id and products you would like to purchase.

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