Sarong Scarves

AM66Wrap your shorts for afternoon casual.

Wrap your shoulders for comforting style.

Exotic Sarong Scarves are sized and blockprinted by hand. Natural Himalayan dyes are used to color the sarongs and drying time is determined by the weather.  Just like the flowers they are named after, each item has it’s own variation of color tone.

Wrap yourself in the Colors of Nature. The 72″ x 36″ size is perfect to wrap as a skirt or swimsuit coverup. The 48″ x 24″ is a great size for a shoulder wrap.

All Sarong Scarves are 100% cotton and are blockprinted with emblems.  The emblem colors are blended right into the sarong design. Scarves are not sold specific to an emblem, only by color.
We have found that the deity or emblem on the sarong scarf color you pick is the emblem you are meant to receive at that time.

Sarong Scarf - Indigo Blue Scarf Sarong Scarf - Violet Scarf Sarong Scarf - Blue Scarf Sarong Scarf - Henna Scarf Sarong Scarves
Sarong Scarf - Orange Scarf Sarong Scarf - Magnolia White Scarf Sarong Scarf - Kiwi Green Scarf Sarong Scarf - Sunflower Yellow Scarf
Sarong Scarf - Teal Grey Sarong Scarf - Magnolia White Scarf Sarong Scarf - Chocolate Scarf Sarong Scarf - Fairy Lily

Your sarong will arrive imprinted with any one of the following deities or emblems:

Sarong Scarf - NatrajNatraj Sarong Scarf Shiva
Sarong Scarf - KrishnaKrishna Sarong Scarves
Sarong Scarf - GaneshGanesh Sarong Scarf - BuddhaBuddha Sarong Scarf - OmOm

Sarong Scarves-Shoulder bags

  • Natraj – Shiva in the Dance of Bliss, for creation and the destruction of ignorance.
  • Shiva in Meditation – One who practices Yoga mahayin.
  • Krishna – Symbolizes personal love that transcends all formal boundary, Love and compassion.
  • Ganesh – Lord of Beginnings, Remover of obstacles.
  • Buddha – The Enlightened One.
  • Om – The sound of ultimate awareness. Transcendental; one with the universe.
Sarong Scarves

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Sarong Scarves

Accessorize your sarong scarf with embroidered silk bags!

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Silk Bags - Cell Phone

Cell Phone Bag

Sunglass Bag

Silk Bags - Camera - Ipod

Camera/Ipod Bag

Mahala Purses - Sarong ScarvesMahala Purses

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