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Yoga Meditation Trio - Yoga Clothing

 Sarong Scarves

Yoga Sarong Scarf

Easy wrap, to and from Yoga

Wherever, whenever

Yoga Sarong Scarf
Sarong Scarves Sarong Scarves
The yoga sarong scarves are imprinted with one of the following deities:

Sarong Scarf - NatrajNatraj Sarong Scarf ShivaShiva Sarong Scarf - KrishnaKrishna
Sarong Scarf - GaneshGanesh Sarong Scarf - BuddhaBuddha Sarong Scarf - OmOm

They are available in natural hand dyed colors of Orange, Magnolia, Kiwi, Sunflower, Teal Grey, Chocolate and Fairy Lily.


Mahala Dresses, Tops, Accessories

Handmade comfortable cotton clothing

Dresses are sold in sets of 3 per style: Size Small, Medium, Large

Mahala Cotton Dress - OR5D1 Mahala Cotton Dress - OR5D2
Mahala Cotton Dress - OR5D3
Mahala Cotton Dress - OR5D8
Mahala Cotton Dress - OR5D4 Mahala Cotton Top - OR5D5
Mahala Cotton Top - OR5D7

Yoga Meditation Clothing

Meditation Prayer Beads

Yoga Sandalwood Mala Beads Yoga Meditation Prayer Beads Yoga Rosewood Mala Beads
Sandalwood, Rosewood, Rudrakshya, Lotus Seed, Carved Buddha Eyes.All Yoga Malas are 108 beads, 8mm.

Sacred Symbol Pendants

Sacred Symbol Pendants

Om, Kalachakra, Yoga, Buddha Eyes

Yoga Picture Pendants

New Item!

Available while supplies last.

Supplies are limited on these 1-1/8″ x 3/4″ picture pendants. These pendants include a waxed cotton cording with silver chain catch. Only $9.99 for each pendant or 3 for $22.95.

Yoga picture pendant Yoga Picture pendant Yoga Picture Pendant
 PP102  PP101  PP103


Set of 3 Yoga Picture Pendants: $22.95

Mahala Shoulder Purses

Mahala Shoulder Purses

Om, Buddha Eyes, Chi Designs

Kashmiri Purses and Clutch Bags

Kashida Purses

Kashmiri style embroidery combines a variety of stitches and colored threads.

Kashmiri Embroidered Purse - OR4B13Kashmiri Embroidered Clutch Purse - OR22B1

Clutch Bags

Crewel embroidery, padded felt. All bags are finished on both sides.

Crewel Embroidered Clutch Bags - OR3B3Crewel Embroidered Clutch Bag - OR3B2

Pocket Size Purses

Knit Change Purse - OR3B15 Knit Change Purse - OR3B17
Crewel Embroidered Wallet - 4x6 Crewel Embroidered Wallet-3.5x4.5


Sacred Symbol Bracelets and Bangles

Sacred Symbol Yoga Bracelets

Om, Precious Elephant, Astamangal, Mani Mantra

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